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Accelerate your integration into Open Finance with Finerio Connect API Hub.
We make it easy for banks, financial institutions, and regulators to implement Open Finance, enabling them to thrive in the digital economy, drive growth, foster collaboration, and deliver unmatched value to customers and end users.
...Global standards and best practice
...We work with Ozone API, a company who helped create the Open Banking technical standard in the UK and accelerated the development of the ecosystem. Since then, Ozone has implemented Open Finance with banks and regulators around the world
...Flexible technology to implement Open Finance for regulators, banks and financial institutions
For who

Leverage your infrastructure to enable embedded finance, payment and data APIs, allowing fintechs to connect and enable hundreds of use cases.

We provide an Open Finance SaaS infrastructure for:

  • Up to 10X lower development and maintenance vs the cost of developing APIs internally. The compliance and requirements layer is covered by our platform (FAPI 2.0, consent management, certifications, etc.)
  • Update the standards in an easy way based on new requirements or scopes
  • Create new income models through API calls and revenue share with fintechs, offer your services on third-party platforms and acquire new customers

We have a framework that allows regulators or central banks to define technical standards, operational rules, governance, a trust framework, and security rules, all with the technological tools and enablers that support an open banking ecosystem. Our team has already implemented Open Finance in the UK with OBIE and in Saudi Arabia with the Central Bank.

Go for:

  • Design of technical standards for APIs (data, payment and embedded finance)
  • In 9 months we design, implement and enable technological tools that enable technical standards for a thriving Open Finance ecosystem. Technological enablers allow the regulator to operate an entire market at low cost, with a small operational team. Technological enablers allow the regulator to operate an entire market at low cost, with a small operational team
  • We enable a market sandbox, compliance and monitoring tools that allow managing the regulatory compliance of financial institutions
Why Finerio Connect API Hub
To face big challenges you need the biggest players. Finerio Connect API HUB combines the infrastructure of:
  • Finerio Connect, the first Open Finance company in Hispanoamerica. We facilitate the enablement of use cases and connection to multiple data sources.
  • Ozone API, whose SaaS platform is used worldwide, allowing exposure of data, payment, and embedded finance APIs.
  • Visa, a global leader in payment infrastructure.
...Model utilized by banking associations or groups with multiple financial institutions, enabling operations in multiple markets.
...Expose APIs, handle governance, and consume system information in a single platform.
industry-leading companies, contributing to the most powerful hub in the market
worldwide banks expose their APIs through Ozone
successful hubs deployed in different markets
Now, the ecosystem is beginning to appreciate that open banking also provides opportunity for traditional financial services to expand their offering to existing and new customers with products and services that are tailored and relevant.
Romina Seltzer, Head of Products & Innovation for Visa LAC
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