Financial Data Aggregation
What we do
Financial data aggregation is the starting point for gaining a clear and comprehensive view of any financial situation. It all begins with a seamless API experience to ingest data, allowing for detailed processing that delivers easy-to-read valuable insights.
With data aggregation you can increase customer engagement, increase offers, facilitate greater customization, and delivers tangible improvements in the overall digital financial experience.
Key elements
1. Seamless Data Integration
The ability to effortlessly extract and integrate data all in one place, including internal databases, external APIs, or both, is crucial.
2. Reliable Data Connection
In a seamless flow within the institution's app, users can confidently connect their accounts by entering their login credentials.
3. Valuable Insights
Analytical capabilities that enable the identification of trends, patterns, and predictive indicators that inform users and financial institutions to make better offers and decisions, instantly.
Use cases

By leveraging comprehensive customer financial data financial institutions can foster long-term relationships through exceptional banking experiences, such as tailored savings plans, customized product recommendations, and financial insights.

By analyzing enriched financial data, lenders can instantly gain a more accurate understanding of customers' financial health, enabling them to assess creditworthiness, eligibility, and risk with greater precision. Moreover, this promotes financial inclusion by expanding their credit analysis to encompass underserved populations.

Accessing real-time financial data via APIs enhances transparency, streamlines processes, and ensures regulatory compliance, ultimately improving operational efficiency and mitigating compliance risks.

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